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In the end I picked a honeybee for the spice seller! Here are the first concepts. I’ll test some colors now.

Oh gosh I love him already! XD


What bug would make a good spice seller? 8D

I need one for my next pic!

Nightly doodles. Nae applying make up and Gyaraku busts.

I love Gyaraku oh my god I should draw him more!

Late night bug girl I drew last night.

That night stars collided in the air in a shimmering, ephemeral dance.

Two sparks in the night, holding their masks and speaking their hearts. One would listen bittersweet dreams, plans, expectations. Sparks like those are very special, for they carry the will to keep fluttering after the show is over.

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It’s done! I regret NOTHING! 8D

I'm sorry WM but I think seifuku Nae is too much for my heart. Nurse Nae might need to help fix it up.

Job’s done. >:J

Sketch of a commission for Alazahell. JESUS CHRIST I shouldn’t be allowed to have so much fun. :’D

Seifuku Nae is the best thing since nurse Nae!


My other tumblr accounts!

Just thought I’d pimp my other tumblrs a bit!

NaughtyMantis - My adult art blog. Do you like NSFW, don’t you? So you better follow me there! 8D

Mantistuff - Personal blog where I reblog my inspirations and other stuff!

I’ll probably make an image post later. >_>


Two commissions for WhiteMantis!


A gift for the ever amazing Amethystine! Featuring Amethystine and Nae as James Bond and Vesper Lynd from Casino Royale, the 21st James Bond movie!

Blade Under Mask: The Muse In The Rain by White-Mantis

A little gift featuring Nae and rashkah’s Blade Under Mask character, Yasuo, the street poet in a little side-story. Somewhat of a continuation from this pic.

I was a little scared to email you so I'll ask here first: Where did you get the inspiration and idea for Blade Under Mask? I heard it's a comic but I'm not exactly sure what it's really about. The art and captions were interesting enough to keep me interested though. You really have an amazing talent.

Thank you very much for your kind words!

I get asked this question a lot, so I’m going to reply it again. ^^

Blade Under Mask is going to be a comic/graphic novel. I’m currently working on the script, with the help of Marcotonio-desu. We post a lot of teasers, but the script is its final stages, so we hope to get started on the comic soon!

How tall is nae?

1,58m (5’2”ft)


At first finding her arts I was like “omg bug” but then “hey they kinda cute” and start liking all of her art instead.

OC Nae and Sayaka are belongs to whitemantis at FA/tumblr
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*heartattack* @ 3 @